Rises have been, well, on the rise for some time now. And gazing into fashion’s crystal ball (aka the 2015 pre-fall collections) I see no signs of them falling anytime soon. It’s time to invest in a shorter sweater, one that hits high above the hips and says, Hey, here’s the very tippy-top of my blue jeans. See? I have a waist! Those who are midriff-shy can wear theirs like stylist Vanessa Traina, and layer a tissue-weight tee under an long sleeved turtleneck. If skin is in your comfort zone, though, a tight-fitting sweater can flatter. The most important proportional factors in this equation: sleeves that are longer than your knit’s end (even if those sleeves are bracelet length; see the BDG striped one below). Here are 12 sweaters that meet the criteria and will likely work with any on-trend denim you’ll buy this year. Don’t thank me now…but in six months when you’re still wearing them.

The LineSHORT AND SWEET The Line’s Vanessa Traina in the layered look we love. Her jeans are an exclusive collaboration with 3×1. Go to TheLine.com.