Allow me to introduce our new column, Jean of the Week. It’s just like it sounds – once a week, Florence and I are going try on, test, and tell you all about a style that recently arrived at Jean Stories headquarters (aka my home in Brooklyn), and made us swoon. First up: 3×1’s White Stone Ripper Boyfriend, a relaxed fit with a red selvedge stripe that makes rolling the cuff a must. What I like about this jean: The brightness of the white, which actually makes the walls of our office appear pink (they are not!), and which looks really sharp against a darker sweater (mine is 3.1 Phillip Lim). The rips on the front of these jeans are not holes, so we can wear them in the wintertime, and for a boyfriend they’re not too baggy in the bum, which I like. Remember what Vogue‘s Tonne Goodman taught us about white jeans? It takes just a pop in the wash with a bit of bleach to make them as good as new. Sold!

Click for close-ups…
Jane BishopWHITE OUT Jane in the 3×1 boyfriend jeans (and a sneak peek inside JS headquarters).


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