“I’m a blue girl,” said the Los Angeles jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer when we visited her at her Culver City studio recently. “I do a lot with turquoise and lapis. I grew up in Malibu and was lucky enough to see the bluest blue ocean on a daily basis. Jeans for me…I mean, in LA you can wear jeans to everything.”

If this statement reveals anything about Jennifer, who launched her eponymous line of very denim-friendly fine jewelry in 2005, it’s that for her, like a lot of Angelenos, jeans are a totally integral part of every day – as much a part of living as breathing. Consider her Current/Elliott boyfriends (a collector’s item, if you ask us, because they date back to 2008 when C/E’s original founders Emily Current and Meritt Elliott introduced this style and made the boyfriend a must-have in what felt like a minute): They go with her on vacation and they go with her to work. “You put on a heel and a little black leather jacket or a blazer, and you’re done,” said Jennifer, who is mom to Otis, 4, and Ruby, 7, and wife to actor Tobey Maguire. So, they go out with her at night, too? In L.A., you bet they do.

It’s no surprise that Jennifer’s jewelry, which won a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award in 2012, looks great with all jeans. It’s cut from the same proverbial cloth – it’s personal and elegant, made in L.A. and designed to be worn every day. Well, most of it is designed for every day. The stunning 18k yellow gold-and-diamond circle link necklace that she wears below might be an exception to the rule. Then again, if it looks this perfect with a pair of lived-in boyfriends…

Do you remember when and where you got your Current/Elliott boyfriends exactly?

When did I get these? Well, when did they come out? Because I’ve had them that long. 2008? And I feel like I must have got them when I first started learning how to shop online.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think about these jeans?


What shoes do you wear with them?

That’s a really tough question. I think I have to give three answers: My Converse, more than anything – I have a pair of navy high-tops that are a great faded blue because I’ve had them for 10-plus years. I have a pair of black low-tops that are thrashed because I’ve had them for 10-plus years; I’m in love with my Isabel Marant take on the Birkenstock at the moment; And I love them with a heel.

 What about the cuff? Do you roll them differently depending on the shoe you are wearing?

 Yes. I usually do it with barely a cuff. Just a small little flip up.

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What’s the prettiest place these jeans have ever been?

These jeans have been around the world many times. I think that one of my favorite places in the world is the Big Island of Hawaii, so they’ve been there. But these jeans have seen Paris, New York, they’ve seen Cabo [San Lucas], they’ve seen the Caribbean. But the prettiest place has to be Hawaii, because of the good memories I have there.

What’s the weirdest place these jeans have been?

Probably the delivery room at the hospital. These jeans are great because I would wear them when I was pregnant and keep them open and just loop a little rubber band around the button to hold them.

Did you wear them during both of your pregnancies?

Definitely during Otis, my son. With Ruby I wore more floral dresses. I was feeling really girly because I was pregnant with a girl.

How would you feel if you lost these jeans? What would you do?

I would have to buy another pair immediately. I don’t even want to think about that. I wouldn’t lose these jeans. They’re going to have to fall off of me without me noticing for me to lose these. I won’t lose these.

Who has seen you take these jeans off?

Toby and my kids.

If you could have multiple pairs of these jeans how many would you want?

What’s a number that doesn’t sound really gross? I’d like to be able to just open any closet and have a pair be there.

If these jeans could say anything about you, what would they say?

I mean, I’m an L.A. girl, and I think we California girls are all about comfort and happiness. I think these jeans would say that I like to be comfortable, that I am attempting style here and there, and that I am happy. I think these jeans are as happy to go school drop-off with me as they are to go out with my girlfriends for a glass of wine or  margaritas.

Has anyone else ever worn these jeans?

No. Just me.

Was there ever a pair of jeans that got away?

There was a pair that got away. In my high school days I used to go to Melrose and stop at every thrift store looking for bell-bottom Levi’s. I still have a lot of the Levi’s that I bought back then, actually. I was obsessed with them. One time I went on a family trip to London and we stayed at this amazing place in the country. I’ll never forget the name, it was called Chicheley Hall. My favorite pair of Levi’s were there with me. We were leaving the next day and I packed them in my suitcase the night before – and in the morning I said, You know, I’m going to wear those jeans on the plane…and they were gone. Gone! It was so weird. Everybody said that place was haunted, and I swear some ghost got those jeans. And I am still upset about it.

How eerie!

It was horrible. [laughs]

What are some of the stores on Melrose that you you used to shop at?

Aardvark’s. That was the place. American Rag, too, but American Rag was a little more expensive. The jeans at Aardvark’s cost $25.

Any earlier denim memories?

I remember being 12 years old in seventh grade and there was a jean called the Edwin jean. It was my first real jean. And I remember thinking, Oh these are jeans. These work with everything. I mean, I wore them with everything – white scrunchy socks with Keds… The socks were too puffy, and at the time I thought it was cool. I think it was cool, although probably not. The Edwins were tight and I remember thinking they were going to be a part of my life for-ever.

And were they?

No. But I might still have them somewhere.

What’s the silliest jean you’ve ever worn?

I went to this 80s party once and I bought a pair of bright neon pink Current/Elliotts to wear, and every day my daughter asks me to wear them. She thinks they’re the greatest jeans I’ve ever owned [laughs]. I’m like, I will save them for you.

Was there a jean that you probably should have broken up with sooner than you did?

Yes. I’m sure. Many. I’m sure some that were just a leetle too tight [laughs].

Is there someone who you think wears jeans perfectly?

Jane Birkin comes to mind because she would just look amazing in a pair of Levi’s and a little white t-shirt. I think there is no better look.

What denim trend are you willing to try right now?

You know, I think that you have to know your body and not take too many chances when it comes to jeans. Just find a pair that fits well and makes you happy. I’m always willing to try anything, but I know my limits.