Out today from 3×1: A second collaboration with Cool Hunting (the website that keeps you up to date on everything, well, cool). Last summer, it was a selvedge BBQ apron with beer cozy, launched for father’s day. Now, 3×1’s Scott Morrison and CH founder Josh Rubin have teamed up on a limited-edition pop-over shirt in five colors (only 30 of each are available). “Josh came in a couple months back and we created a bespoke pop-over using one of our Japanese chambray selvedge denims for his spring/summer wardrobe,” says Scott. Which led to the idea to make more and offer them to others. Josh chose the fabrics” – a white pinpoint, an indigo/indigo chambray, a lightweight green caste, a contrast micro box weave, and an authentic workwear chambray (from Italy and Japan) – “and we’ve kept the special details that make it worthy of the Cool Hunting badge – selvedge pockets and side tabs, slim plackets and workwear-inspired buttons. You’ll also see these arrive in special 3×1 + CH packaging,” Scott says.

Scott will be taking his white pop-over to Rio this weekend on a quick trip to the World Cup. He’ll pair it with his 3×1 Japanese selvedge twill shorts in navy “and a fresh pair of Havaiana’s that my beautiful Brazilian wife [Gracileia] bought me in preparation.” Josh is in Zambia at the moment and probably having way too much fun spotting elephants, lions, and giraffes (at least by the looks of his Instagram) to answer our e-mails, but we are going to go ahead and guess he took one or two of his 3×1 + CH shirts along. Even if you’re not getting on a plane anytime soon, the shirts are a must. Pop over to 3×1.us (sorry, we couldn’t resist) or the 3×1 store at 15 Mercer in NYC asap, and get some before they’re gone. 


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