OK, so they aren’t as cropped on me as they are, say, on Alexa Chung herself, but even on me, these jeans are short – and I love them because of it (they really just barely graze the top of of my leather sandals, an ancient pair of Bally heels that I discovered in the Vogue closet a decade ago and then bought immediately because I could imagine myself still wearing them, well, in 10 years). There’s been a lot of web chatter about this collection that Alexa did with L.A. jean-machine AG. A lot. For good reason, actually – it’s good. These jeans, for example: They fit great an they have a lot of what’s next in denim, specifically a higher, not-too-tight waistline and a boot cut leg.

To all those who feel skeptical about bootcuts coming back (and they are), remember this: They are flattering. Way more flattering than skinnies on most of us (myself, for one) because they really do make legs looks longer. Even when they’re cropped like these!

I have been stopped on the street in this jean, asked to turn around, to explain who, what, and where (I found them at my family’s shop!). It’s rare you’ll see me in a jean with a daisy embroidered on the back pocket, but I’m willing to look past this girly branding bit because everything else about this style – the fade in front, the bigger bottom hem, the lean, 70s lines – is so right. AG, we know you have the L.A. factory and the means to make more jeans like these…I’m really hoping you do.

Jane Bishop


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