You surely noticed Annina Mislin and her pared-down, pretty style during fashion month. She was photographed by all our favorites: Le 21ème’s Adam Katz Sinding, Tommy Ton, Garance Doré… Annina, fashion editor at L.A.’s C Magazine, has a talent for the best midriff-baring outfits. They, like she, are lovely and unfussy.

Annina was born in Switzerland to an American mom and Swiss Dad, and she grew up between Canada (home base was Vancouver Island, British Columbia) and Europe. And she says her style is heavily influenced by her time spent in the latter. “I’ve always leaned towards a more classic look,” she told us. “I like to invest in pieces I will still be excited to pull out of the closet six months down the road.”

Did you see her take on the “Canadian Tuxedo” (it’s okay, she can call it that; she’s from there!) during the shows last February?: a vintage Levi’s jean jacket (over a black turtleneck), Acne jeans, and Isabel Marant’s indigo-dyed coat. It was a perfect denim trifecta; not overthought, but totally on point. So we weren’t surprised that her L.A. denim look is also simple, pretty, and cool and chic at once. For us, Annina wore her favorite old Levi’s 501s, paired with a tight, white tee. Her only accessories? A black bracelet tied around her wrist, wedding ring, stiletto sandals – and her classic “Mom” tattoo.

Tell us all about these jeans!

They are an old pair of 501 Levi’s. My husband’s sister found them at a thrift store seven years ago for a dollar. They have been my go-to ever since.

Why do you love them?

I’m long-waisted so the high rise works well for me. I also love how worn-in they have become. Most new 501s don’t have the same rise.

Describe them in one word.


If these jeans could talk, what would they say about you?

I care, but not too much.

What’s the most memorable place they have been?

When I first started going to fashion week in New York, Tommy Ton took my photo while I was wearing them.

What’s the weirdest place?

On a FedEx truck.

Who, besides you, has worn your jeans?

My best friend, Lauren Megson. I leant them to her while I was in Canada visiting family, and she had to mail them back to me in L.A. I didn’t think they would make it back!

Who has seen you take these jeans off?

My husband, Patrick Hill.

What do you need your jeans to be, always?


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What’s your favorite fashion editorial with denim in it?

I love it anytime the Miss Vogue pages in Vogue Paris highlight denim. One favorite was the story shot by Josh Olins with Ann Ewers for the October 2013 issue.

What jeans do you wear on set when you’re styling? Why?

I like to wear my Acne Hug jeans. They have a relaxed fit which is great for moving around on set.

How does your denim look differ from L.A. to N.Y.C.?

I wear more relaxed medium-wash denim in L.A., but go for a more structured, raw, dark denim in New York.

We loved the “Canadian Tuxedo” you wore to the fall ’14 shows. What pieces made up that look?

A vintage Levi’s denim jacket, Acne jeans, and a patchwork indigo-dyed Isabel Marant coat.

What’s your favorite denim look from the spring 2015 collections? Why?

I loved look 7 at Chloé. I like that it looks like a jumpsuit but it’s actually two pieces – top and trousers. Together it’s a statement, and apart it’s very wearable.

Whose denim style do you most admire?

Caroline de Maigret. I love her androgynous approach to style, in general.

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What jeans are you going to wear this fall? What will you pair them with?

I just received three new pairs of Frame denim – I’m most excited to wear the their Le High Straight with a chunky fisherman’s sweater and the new Manolo slingbacks I just bought.

Fill in the blank: If I could have any pair of jeans right now, they would be________.

The perfect trouser jeans: slightly oversized at the waist (just enough that a belt nicely cinches them in) and consistently wide through the leg. Haven’t found them yet.

Where do you buy your jeans?

Acne Studios or Barneys New York.

If you had to replace all of your jeans with something else, what would it be?

Loose-fit trousers.

What are your Top Three jeans of all time?

1. Acne Needles in black – there was a period where I wore them almost every other day and replaced them about 5 times. 2. Vintage Levi’s 501’s – they are my denim safety blanket. 3. J. Crew white skinny jeans – it’s hard to find white denim with the right fit, I like this pair because they are not too baggy and not too tight.

Fill in the blank: Without my jeans, I am _____________.

Late for work.

In my jeans, I am _____________.

At ease.