Marina Muñoz is one of those women so clearly driven by confidence; she’s as comfortable talking about the extra effort she’ll put into keeping fit so she can rock her A.P.C.s – and rock them, she does – as she is having her picture taken wearing no makeup and with her hair still half-wet (all while still looking exquisite). Welcoming us into the Brooklyn loft she shares with her husband, photographer Sebastian Kim, and their son Blaise and Cavalier King Charles Moreno, Marina had all the decisiveness of a schooled stylist – this jean and that jacket with this bag and that shoe, done. All of her choices were logical: She went barefoot for most of the shoot, because she was at home and in her son’s nursery (easily the cutest location ever); she put lipstick on only when we went outside. Dressing like this – for the real moment, not make-believe – is the luxury that jeans give us all.

How would you describe your style? And how do jeans fit into that style? 

I’m classic, slightly masculine at times and with a gaucho-gypsy twist. Worldly maybe? Or is that pretentious to call yourself worldly? The jeans I own fit my style; they are either classic or slightly sexy in a French way: worn with a cashmere sweater, silk blouse or blazer, and a scarf – never vulgar.

What are your most favorite jeans?

My nearly 10-year-old A.P.C. Cure jeans. They are mine. I am the only one who can wear them – they have molded to my body, faded, and accompanied me on most of my journeys. I bought them in an A.P.C. store in Paris with my ex-husband, Yannick. We both bought a pair. I’m sure he still wears his. We lived in Paris at the time and I kept seeing people with these fabulous worn-in jeans. Before that, I had been living in Buenos Aires, where I’m from, and all we had were Levi’s. It’s funny to think that I worked as an assistant in those jeans, and now I’m styling on my own and still have them. I remember working hard in my A.P.C.s – on shoots with Jacob K and Paolo Roversi – or editors asking me what my jeans were. It’s crazy they survived this long! I don’t own a scale…I own these jeans. When I’ve had a few too many pains au chocolat, these jeans will not lie like my husband Sebastian does. He will sweetly say, “You are so Latin and curvy.” But those jeans will let me know in an instant: “Lay off the cheese and bread, cherie,” they say. “Take the stairs and try me again in a few days.” Voila, the French way – everything in moderation.

And though they’re not technically denim, my indigo-dyed Thai fisherman’s work pants are a great purchase I made in Bangkok whilst on a trip with Sebastian. We initially stopped in Thailand and went to a cute little market to hunt for vintage things and scarves when I saw a cool store with traditional work clothes and these pants. I have a complete set with the matching jacket. I wore them on our entire trip around Thailand and Cambodia. My little chambray coat is a French work jacket from the 1930s or 40s. Bill Cunningham wears a similar one! Mine has the knot toggles instead of buttons or snaps. Every time I see one in a store or vintage boutique I have to buy it. I have three or four already.

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Do you have any rules you follow when you’re wearing jeans?

I have a latin derriere. I don’t want to look like a morcilla – blood sausage – in them. We all have our days! I want my jeans to fit well and last. And if they aren’t made in a sweatshop, that’s even better. And if they are made in the USA, that’s amazing.

And, just finishing off the look with the right shoe…which depends on what adventure I am off to. Prepping for a shoot would include my Robert Clergerie boots – sophisticated and traffic stopping, yet with no label frills. And they are especially comfortable, too. They finish off a straight-leg or skinny jean incredibly well, and would spiff up a rolled-up baggy boyfriend jean, too. Sometimes a flat shoe is all you need to pair with jeans. I also have a groovy pair of over-the-knee Alexander Wang leather boots from last fall, which go so well with skinnies. But again, it depends on what I am doing that day. If I am with Blaise, I will most likely wear my Gucci horsebit loafers. Or, my Nikes if we are going to play soccer or if I’m taking him to swim class at Aquabeba in my neighborhood.

Speaking of Blaise, what jeans is he wearing?

Blaise wears his Talc jeans. They are made of a stretchy denim material and they are so adorable. They are his “big boy” jeans. And they’re for a two-year-old, even though he just turned one. I bought them big and just roll the bottoms so they’ll last. He is such a little magoo. These are just so comfortable for him to run around in. I buy a lot of his clothes at Sweet William down the street. They carry a wide selection of denim.

So that’s your latest denim discovery for Blaise. What about you?

My new sexy jeans are my Rag & Bone skinny style in the Stratham wash. The first thing my husband said when he came home from a trip and saw me in them was, “Nice jeans, mamasita.” He’s a man of few words, but they are generally the right ones. These are fantastic – slim, tight, hiding all the flaws and giving you long legs. I got them during a quickie at Jumelle, that cute store on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. That place is so well curated; I think it took me 15 minutes to find everything I needed for fall: Rag & Bone blazer, black A.P.C. sweater, those Robert Clergerie Chelsea boots I was telling you about, and the pièce de résistance: the sexy mamasita jeans. The boots were my smart winter investment, and I kid you not, I get a lot of, “Are those the Saint Laurents?” when I wear them. Of course, the fraud police came hollering and alerted Sebastian about a strange and pricey purchase at Jumelle. But when he saw me in the Rag & Bones all was forgotten. Good jeans do that.