It was via Instagram that we learned Linda Rodin had, earlier this week, packed a set of her travel-sized beauty essentials into a smart denim clutch and introduced it as a limited edition kit. Were we surprised? Not really. Linda, whose Olio Lusso products are some of the best on the block, is a bit of a known denimhead. “I’ve made other [travel kits] in different and gorgeous fabrics. Denim was the next incarnation,” she explained. Of the 50 originally available, she told us about 20 are left. Grab one and GO!

Linda Rodin

Why the red bandana?

I wanted to do something lovely for summer and I adore denim and bandana – it’s a nod to an all-American summer…BBQs and picnics.

Do you have any fun trips planned right now?

I’m going to Paris and Rome.

What’ the most important thing to remember to do, beauty-wise, when you’re traveling?

To always bring your own products, from candles to soap, and everything in between.

If you could pack up and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Just where I’m going. Rome and Paris.

Which of your denim pieces would you pack for that trip?

I’m all denim all the time. Packing my vintage 501s. My Sonia Rykiel denim overalls. My Chloé and Gucci denim shirts. My vintage Levi’s snap-button denim shirts. And Rachel Comey jeans.


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