“I love a baggier jean in the summer,” said Mallory Schlau, the senior market editor at Harper’s Bazaar. “And I love a white jean, too.” So why pick this style from Simon Miller and not some other wide-leg, we asked? “Because the white is not too bright, so it can get a little dirty and still look OK, and because the denim is thick, so they’re not see-through,” she answered. “No one else is doing a jean like this – cropped, with a lower rise and chunkier silhouette. I love Simon Miller because the designers, Daniel [Corrigan] and Jake [Sargent], always bring something different to the denim game.”

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Mallory Schlau

The biggest difference we see between this jean and so many others out there is – can you guess? – the rise. Have you heard enough about high ones, yet? We have. And Mallory is right: A hip-height waistline is extremely chic when finished with a skinnier belt. Jane wore her jeans like that last week, too. One more editor in the look, and it’s a trend, right? Stay tuned, we’re keeping track!

Mallory SchlauGREAT WHITE Harper’s Bazaar‘s senior fashion market editor wears her Simon Millers in New York’s Central Park.


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