“I love, love, love the idea of reworking our vintage styles to create something completely new,” says Current/Elliott’s Serge Azria, who earlier today launched Loved & Found, a click within CurrentElliott.com that offers a selection of pieces from C/E’s archive revived, plus a handful of cheeky antiques to complement them. Think of it as an e-comm version of a shop-in-shop – for jeans and objéts once loved, then lost, now found.

Azria has artfully patched, stitched, and rip-and-repaired all the denim – rediscovered in the company archives in Los Angeles – back into shape. “We house over 1,000 original Current/Elliott styles, from swimsuits, to dresses, to button-down shirts. It’s an amazing resource to have,” he explains. And it’d be a great shame to let these collector’s items waste away unworn, especially now, when patches and other signs of affection, like holes and tears and the various techniques for mending them, are so popular. 

As for the tiny treasures included in the mix, these were collected and curated by editor-turned-floral-designer Taylor Tomasi Hill and her husband Chase Hill. “I love the worn-in appeal of both [the jeans and antiques], and the nostalgia they evoke,” Azria explains. “The site is a way for us to share all of the things that inspire us.” The reason he tapped Tomasi Hill for this project: “She has a great eye, and I love her ability to reinvent trends,” he says. Have you been counting the number of times Azria has said ‘love,’ btw? Five. Which is just enough to express how we feel about Loved & Found, too. 



A selection of the collectibles that Taylor Tomasi Hill and her husband Chase picked to complement the Current/Elliott archive pieces at Loved & Found. Clockwise from left: Navajo rug ($280), Boston Terrier statue ($150), watering can ($35), pickup sticks ($40), and brass candlesticks ($60); go to currentelliot.com.