We are happy to report that New York fashion week was full of jeans. Editors wore them. Bloggers wore them. Models wore them, on the runways and off. Shredded and embellished, patchworked and paint-splattered, skinny and cut off, the looks ranged from Woodstock hippie (at Tommy Hilfiger) to coastal clam digger (at J. Crew). We loved it all, from the comic-stamped Marc by Marc Jacobs Annie boyfriends we spotted on a show goer at Lincoln Center, to the soft denim dress that walked at Lacoste. But the look we loved most was the one that truly reflected the season’s biggest statement thus far – the return of the waist. In nearly every collection, from The Row to Altuzarra, and Marc Jacobs, dresses, skirts, suits, you name it, accentuated the waist. And the belts – the belts! If you do not have a belt come springtime, well, grab a rope, a ribbon, a necktie, anything, and knot it at your waist (your natural waist) over whatever you are wearing. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

It’s like it was in the air; there on the streets and on the runway at Rodarte were jeans as tightly-waisted as all the ready-to-wear we’d been seeing. Jeans that gave women classic, equestrian, and sexy shapes. “See? I have hips, and a butt, and a bit of a belly, too,” these jeans said proudly. So cinched they didn’t require a belt, the high-high waists wanted their shirts crisp and tucked-in. And now, not surprisingly, so do we.


 IT’S A CINCH Above: Zooming in on the return of the waist on the streets of NYFW. Below: On the runway at Rodarte, skintight jeans with extra-high rises.




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Street style photographs courtesy of Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème.