It hasn’t always been easy for jeans to be green; some techniques used to distress, dye, and whisker denim are notoriously not Earth friendly. But Stella McCartney, who’s expanded her denim line for spring 2014, is throwing eight eco styles into her new mix, including mid-rise skinnies, shorts, and a zippered boyfriend look. Colors go from rose, to white, to red and the most perfect shades of blue.

The jeans are made in Italy with 100% organic cotton, grown by way of a water-efficient process that uses no harmful chemicals and that restores and maintains soil health. No sand-blasting (one of those toxic process that can cause health issues for workers making the jeans) is employed. Bonus: McCartney and her team have harnessed a new denim technology that creates a high-recovery fabric, shaping to the body and reducing stretching during wear. The designer recently said she finds all these new denim possibilities exciting. We do, too!

Above, from left: Stella McCartney boyfriend, $445,; high rise ($325) and ankle grazer ($345), Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900. Below from left: Pomegranate skinny ankle, $345, Saks Fifth Avenue NYC, 212-753-4000; white ankle grazer, $295, Stella McCartney NYC, 212-255-1556; pale-blue high rise, $325, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900.  

Stella McCartney