I really like what Être Cécile is all about. It’s bright, it’s cheeky-yet-chic, and it’s fun. And the brand’s slogan is “Presque Parisienne,”…which allows me to put my bit of  French to use, feel in the know, and have a nice chuckle. “Almost Parisian,” ha. If you can’t actually be from Paris, it’s the next best thing. Plus, I love a good slogan, French or non, on a tee or sweatshirt. Really, I love almost any sweatshirt. (I’m wearing the Alexa Chung x AG one here; another slogan! “J’ai du Vague à L’âme.” And in French, again!) But this is not about sweatshirts. It’s about EC founders Yasmin Sewell, Jenna Dyas, and Kyle Robinson’s long denim jacket with embroidered metallic arrows on the back.

When I slid into this jacket, I felt put together. It has a workwear air – not as in what you might wear to an office job, but more akin to a lab coat or the white coverups you might find seamstresses donning in Parisian ateliers. But, this jacket’s back has those signature EC bold graphics…so it’s not in the least bit stark. Think of it as an alternative to your typical spring trench coat. It’s totes profesh (that’s not French, FYI, just our joke-y way of saying “totally professional”). Business in the front, party in the back.

Florence KaneOUI, JE SUIS What’s dark and blue and Parisian-chic all over?