A couple of weeks ago, we introduced a story about two of our L.A. friends and two of J.Crew’s creatives in some of our favorite spring denim styles. We promised more women – and more jeans – and now, here they are: L.A. model and lingerie designer, TyLynn Nguyen, wearing J.Crew’s Toothpick made with Cone Denim; J.Crew’s online stylists Emily Estadella and Jenny Kang, in two different wide-legs; and L.A. designer Jesse Kamm, who wears the same fit as Emily (though, on her tall frame, it almost becomes a culotte). How each woman slipped each jean into her life was a lesson in individual style and expression. Here’s what we learned…

TYLYNN NGUYEN, Cone Denim Toothpick Jean

TyLynn Ngyuyen

When a trusted source said we needed to meet TyLynn Nguyen, the L.A. model who recently launched her eponymous lingerie collection, TyLynn Nguyen Intimates, we did what anyone does these days: looked her up on Instagram! Sprinkled amongst photos of her in different outfits, personal and work-related, she was in…jeans. Skinny jeans. So we thought she’d be perfect for J.Crew’s newest Toothpick, made of Cone Denim in a fresh, light-blue wash for spring. We photographed TyLynn and her daughter Lotus, looking sweet in stripes from Crew Cuts, in their east L.A, neighborhood. Good genes…and jeans were everywhere.

Describe in one word how these jeans made you feel.


What are your three favorite things about them?

I love the wash, the length, and the way the pockets made my butt look.

What has being a model taught you about denim?

It’s all about the fit and the wash! It has to be right for your skin tone and your body type.

Whose denim style do you admire?

I mean, this is gonna sound like a, “Well, don’t we all?” moment, but I admire Jane Birkin’s jean style.

Fill in the blank: This J.Crew Toothpick jean is to me what _________ is to _________.

Jackie is to JFK.


EMILY ESTADELLA, Rayner Wide-Leg & JENNY KANG, Wide-Leg Crop



If there’s one thing J.Crew is known for, besides the clothes and accessories themselves, it’s the way those pieces are styled – for their catalog, stores, and online shop. Obviously, this kind of magic doesn’t just – poof! – happen; there’s a team of inventive stylists behind every single outfit out there. Two of these talents are Emily Estadella and Jenny Kang, who work side by side on J.Crew’s online styling. What we loved seeing with Emily and Jenny is how similar-yet-different they can be when it comes to how they put their own looks together. Emily is admittedly more boyish, and Jenny will wear bows… But read on for what pro tips they have about denim Do’s and Don’ts…

As stylists, what do you always look for in a jean?

Emily: A cute butt.

Jenny: A good wash.

What has being a stylist taught you about denim?

Emily: Wash, wash, wash.

Jenny: That having a good tailor can change your life.

What are your absolute denim do’s?

Emily: Do get them fit to your body.

Jenny: Do feel free to DIY: cut the hem and wash for a frayed edge. Invest in quality denim that you can keep for many years.

What are your absolute denim don’ts?

Emily: Don’t throw away great denim. Cut them up for DIYs and patching up your faves.

Jenny: Never say never. You may hate something today and love it tomorrow. That’s probably why I have a hoarding problem…

Emily, fill in the blank: Culottes are the coolest jean for spring because _________.

They keep you cool a lot. Ha, ha.

Jenny, fill in the blank: A wide-leg crop is the coolest jean for spring because _________.

They feel new!


JESSE KAMM, Rayner Wide-Leg

Jess Kamm

J.Crew’s blue-jean wide-legs made us immediately think of…Jesse Kamm! The L.A. designer, who’s had her own label since 2005, is best known for her perfectly non-trendy, minimalist pieces…and the same words could be used to describe her personal style. That should give you a good idea of why Jesse and these Rayners go together so swimmingly. We brought them to her home and studio on L.A.’s Mt. Washington – a modern 1949 house on a hill – shared with her husband, Lucas Brower and their son, Julien. And, sure enough, they fit seamlessly with pieces from her collection. Who doesn’t love a jean that’s so versatile?

Describe in one word how these jeans made you feel…


Favorite thing about them?

Oh, the glory of modern denim. So comfortable.

As a designer, what do you always look for in a pair of jeans?

As with any piece of clothing, I look at the fabric and the craftsmanship. If I am going to invest in a piece of clothing, I want to be able to picture it in my closet in 20 years. Longevity is key. Trends are useless.

Tell us one thing you are for sure certain you could do in these culottes.

I would definitely hang in a grassy meadow on a blanket with a boombox, listening to Boys to Men in this pant. I might be tenderly tying some flowers into a crown for my son, which he would then chop into a million pieces and use as ammunition in his laser shooter to blast some imaginary coyotes.

Tell us one thing you think you maybe shouldn’t do in them?

I am thinking rock climbing might be better suited to another pant!


For more about our collaboration with J.Crew, or to shop their complete denim collection, go to J.Crew.com.

Hair and makeup by Amy Chin of Amy Chin Beauty.