The last time you saw me in Current/Elliott’s Flip-Flop jean it was February and fashion week and NYC was frozen to the bone. But as the seasons change, so, too, do the shoes, and look what I found – a sandal that’s not only jeweled and made of denim…it’s also currently on sale at J.Crew. A perfect fit for the Flip-Flop, which feathers out around the foot and makes me think of those fancy, prize-winning chickens that lay pretty eggs (they’re called Cochins, if you want to know), The Cyprus is the sandal you might see me wearing when the dress code denies denim (I’m looking at you, dear friends who are getting married this summer). You can take the girl out of her jeans, but you can’t, well, you know what I mean… Aren’t these just what we need!

HAPPY FEET The denim lover’s summer must. Shop Jane’s look below, or go to