Okay, this shirt I’ve chosen for our new Jean of the Week feature is not a jean, technically speaking. But it is in the denim family; it’s an indigo-dyed chambray. And, I wear this one – Ayr’s Clean shirt (in their Ice wash) – with just about every jean I own; the light color goes with them all. I also own this shirt in the darker Wave wash, and it gets on famously with white jeans. But that’s another topic. This one here is the shirt of late. It came along just in time, as my beloved, so-faded button-up by The Row that I bought at a sample sale I-don’t-know-how-many years ago started falling apart from constant wearing. Like that one, Ayr’s is the perfect length. It hits just above mid thigh on me. Or, I can tuck it into my jeans and it’s not too bulky. And most of all, it’s super soft and light. It’s one of the genius pieces Ayr’s design director, Jac Cameron, has dreamed up. Keep ’em coming, Jac, just keep ’em coming.




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