We have to admit that Milan was not where we expected to see low-slung and loose jeans come down the runway…but they did! At Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana no less. And at DSquared2, where denim was distressed and worn so low you could see the band of the model’s boy briefs (a delightfully 90s-style throwback if we ever saw one). But lean into your screen and look more closely, and you’ll find the common denim denominator here is not just where these jeans sit on your hips; it’s their looooooooong rises. It makes them wear like men’s trousers, either cropped or to-the-ankle (see Dolce). And when they’re paired with something shorter on top – a shrunken crew-neck, little military jacket, or romantic, lace-y camisole – you really get the long-rise effect in all it’s glory.


THE RISING Above, from left: The jeans at DSqaured2, Gucci (with jackets long and short), and Dolce & Gabbana.

This look appeared in Marc Jacobs’ final show for Louis Vuitton last spring, with black beading and embroideries, and worn under tulle dresses and with cropped, feather-trimmed jackets. Leave it to the Italians – who manufacture some of the most beautiful denim in the world, remember – to do this jean for spring in even more cool variations: distressed, faded blue, and bejeweled. Wear it now, for fall, with a short, long-sleeved sweater, maybe, or a shrunken jacket – and a heel, for sure, to contrast the guy-style.




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Street style photograph courtesy of Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème.