The Harper’s Bazaar editor on the Acne Studios jeans that are totally her jam, her dream denim shoots, and other adventures in blue.

Here’s my thing with jeans, my denim darlings. I would like to say I’m a bowerbird – “Oh, look, shiny!” – but I’m more a woman of easy virtue. I love jeans. I live – and will most likely die – in them. But I like a whole lot of them, like a tween discovering boys. Jeans to me represent optimism: maybe this pair is the perfect pair, maybe that straight-leg feels better than the skinny, maybe the flare gives me…flair. I wish I were that lady who sticks to her style, who goes to the tailor and gets her jeans done just right, but I’m just not. I love the idea that the new jean, in some way, makes me a new person. While still – hold for cliche, caller – being completely myself.

That make sense? Probably not – but neither does fashion and thankfully, our response to it. So I’m good.

Tell us about these Acne Studios! When did you discover this style? Where did you buy them?

On the internet! It’s the future! Well, here’s the thing – the boys from Acne (aka my “Stockhomies”) are some of my greatest friends. I love them, their voice, their families, that they’re Swedish chefs. I just love what Acne does – it’s cool and all, but it has thought and sincerity behind it. So, I was supposed to go to Paris this season (but had the flu, tragiquement) and they said hey, wear our stuff. So, I surfed around and found this style, Shore in Raw. Just felt like my jam.

What do you love about them?

I love that one of my friends calls them “short pants.” I like the higher waist that for some magical reason makes my legs look skinnier after a long, eat-your-feelings winter. I like the pure denim-ness of them. I’m the first girl to go for a stretch jean, but they’re starting to feel like jeggings. So, here we are: LB and her Short Pants.

Why do they suit you?

Do they? (Lie to me, because otherwise this will be awkward.) Hmm, I like their “bootiness”? That I can wear a long or short boot under them, and they kick out just right.

What else do you wear them with besides the Ralph Lauren button-ups you have on here?

Delusions of grandeur. Ha. Or, lots of Être Cécile t-shirts and sweatshirts. J.W. Anderson sweaters, Vince chunky knits. Saint Laurent Babies tan boots. At some point I will wear them with something sleeveless – what an idea!

Who else do you think would look good in these jeans?

Anyone with a butt. I’m sure you’re out there.

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Laura Brown

You’re getting on a plane for a last-minute, unexpected, fabulous trip. Where are you going? What denim are you taking?

Thank God this unexpected trip is also fabulous! The Acnes, of course, plus J Brand Marias in black and dark grey. Also, if I could get it together to tailor them, these 501s I bought in L.A. Butt looks great. Legs look like 1991. (The year of my birth).

Do you remember the first jeans you ever owned? When was it? What were they?

Levi’s 501s! College. About four sizes bigger. #bless.

What’s your favorite non-jean denim piece?

Denim shirts. Don’t laugh. Or blue shirts: Ralph Lauren Oxfords, Acne loose chambray cotton, Billy Reid white men’s shirt – the button falls in the perfect place on a lady. Or floaty Pucci, Chloé pastel things.

Is there denim you got rid of at some point that you wished you’d kept?

Thank God I can say no. I need to get rid of stuff right now. My jeans are stacked like the Earth’s layers. Maybe I should frack them.

What was your 90s denim style like? 2000-2010? And how would you describe it now?

Oh Jesus, thank God grunge was in, is all I can say. Large, black, worn with maroon shirts, plaid and unfortunately, my deep red hair. The last decade I got it together, somewhat – you know, that great Chloé era that never dates. That informed the way I wear jeans now – longer, over the heel, really put the sass in your step.

What’s the craziest denim piece you ever owned? Describe it, please!

Probably now – a denim cropped Être Cécile shirt! Which I wear with high-waisted things. Don’t panic.

If you had to replace all your jeans with something else, what would it be?

A jet/island. That’s what it would take.

Best decade for denim?

70s. And not just because it’s totally in right now. Just for the length and the swing of it.

What’s your favorite denim image from Bazaar?

The news piece on the cool girls who run JeanStories. ;) [Oh, Laura, you flatter us!]

Laura Brown

What’s your favorite denim fashion story that you’ve ever worked on?

You know, I so rarely do! I’m too busy trussing up ladies in Chanel swimsuits and throwing them in shark mouths. Is this a fail?

What’s your dream denim story? Who’s shooting it? Who’s in it? What is she wearing?

For right now: Anna Ewers in a Bardot Chloé look shot by Josh Olins. Forever: Christy Turlington, Calvins and a t-shirt shot by Peter Lindbergh.

Whom do you think has the best denim style?

At the moment, my east-side L.A. friends: Clare Vivier, Jesse Kamm, Nora Zehetner. They have this kind of Euro-Cali gamine thing going. Or maybe it’s just their hats.

What city has the best denim style?

Oh geez. Somewhere Scandinavian, probably. Failing that, Nashville. Imogene + Willie are the best.

Fill in the blank: Without my jeans, I am _________.


In my jeans, I am _________.