Take a close look a the tear sheet on our inspiration board above right. Don’t Jane and I look exactly like the girls in the photo (ripped from Mother’s spring look book)? Okay, perhaps we’re a little more buttoned up, wink wink, ha ha. Which isn’t to say we don’t let loose when it comes to blue-jean shirts. I have several of them – from chambray to denim, light-wash to dark, rumpled to clean…you get the idea. I’ve even got one with my name monogrammed on it. But I had never tried an embroidered shirt like this one from Mother. It’s their cult-fave style, All My Ex’s, with pretty geometric designs on the back (and a bit on the front of the shoulder and the sleeve).

Mother’s shirt feels a little southwestern-desert (well, Jane and I are both California girls; does that count?), a little hippy-ish (guess which one of us used to follow Phish?); and very 70s, which is huge for spring in case you’ve been living somewhere without the internet. I like this 70s trend. And I like this shirt. So I’m good to go.

Jane Bishop and Florence KaneIN STITCHES Don’t we look just like the models on our mood board? Wear these shirts and you can, too!