When we first heard reports that a summer polar vortex-like weather pattern was about to hit parts of the U.S. this week, we were intrigued and, admittedly, a little excited. Because, for one, we could use a break from the heat. And, for two, it got us thinking about…fall! We love our denim cut-offs (literally) to bits, but we miss our heavier-weight jeans and jean jackets – specifically our truckers, which we were reminded of when model Maggie Laine stepped out of the Chanel couture show in Paris last week in hers (above, and yes, thumbs up for oversized truckers). It got us excited and browsing around for what’s available now while we wait for full-on fall deliveries to hit our favorite denim sources.

Even if you’re experiencing 80-degree highs today, there’s no harm in feeling inspired by a summer “cold snap” and getting a head start on next season. Gearing up for fall, there’s everything from Paige’s shredded jean jacket, to Jeremy Scott’s 90s-inspired quilted denim for Moschino, to The Row’s perfectly shaped dark-denim Landel jean. Buy now and when temps do drop and stay that way for a while, you’ll be prepared. And that’s pretty cool.

Photograph courtesy of Adam Katz Sinding of Le21ème.