When one of your favorite things that you’ve worn forever regardless of whether it’s considered in style becomes “on trend,” it can be bittersweet. You feel triumphant on the one hand, that fashion is seeing things your way. But on the other, your uniqueness takes a bit of a hit. For Samira Nasr, and her perfect bootcut Levi’s Orange Tabs, it’s mostly the former, I think!

“I feel confident that when the world moves on to the next thing, I’ll still be wearing these,” says Samira, who is the Fashion Director at Elle magazine. We’re sitting in the living room of her Williamsburg apartment (shared with her toddler son Lex) and she’s taking me through her favorite jeans – the vintage Levi’s of forgotten origin she’s had for 15 years (in these photos), but that are perfectly worn in. With their high waists (“they make me feel like I have longer legs”) and bootcut bottoms, they look so right right now. But they haven’t always been considered by everyone the epitome of style. For instance, “Jack and Lazaro used to laugh at me for wearing mom jeans,” Samira says smiling, remembering how the Proenza Schouler designers have teased her. Who’s having the last chuckle now?

Tell me what you love most about your Levi’s?

I love that no one else has this exact pair of jeans. I like that they are high waisted, and slightly flared. I like that they have no stretch and big back pockets because good pockets and pocket placement are the most important feature on a pair of jeans. It’s the difference between having a nice looking jean butt, or not.

How do they make you feel?

Sexy, strong, and badass.

Why are they perfect for you?

See answer above, and I would add that the high waist makes me look taller.

What else do you wear them with besides suspenders and boots?

Everything including (but not only) blazers, leather jackets, bow blouses, silk blouses, denim shirts, skinny waist belts, loafers, flat sandals, sweatshirts, vans, Common Projects high tops. Did I mention everything?

Do you ever try denim trends? Or do you just stick to these?

I usually stick to my favorites regardless of trend, and I only try denim trends when I like them. I am not a “trendy” person. I have been wearing the same types of clothes since high school.

Samira Nasr

If you had to buy a new pair of jeans tomorrow, what would they be?

They would either be an A.P.C Standard jean, because I, to this day, think that [A.P.C. founder and Creative Director] Jean Touitou is a genius and I love his denim. Or, it would be a pair of Rachel Comey jeans. She is killing the denim game. I am also a loyal Acne Studios jean customer.

If you had to give your jeans away tomorrow, whom would the lucky recipient be?

I think they would have to go to one of my best friends in the entire world, Karyn Grupski. Karyn and I often have in-depth conversations about denim. She has incredible style and taste. I think they would be too big on her but she would rock them.

If these jeans could talk, what would they say about you?

That I’m a loyal friend.

What’s your favorite shoot ever that included denim?

I love denim and could shoot it all day, every day. But my favorite shoot would probably have to be the one I have yet to do. I hate looking back on my work. I see all the mistakes and hope that future projects allow me to get better as an editor and stylist.

Your favorite non-jean denim piece?

That would be a 3-way tie between an old Isabel Marant denim shirt, a very old Hysteric Glamour denim jacket with a lightning bolt on the back (Karyn has the same one), and an old Lee denim jacket.

Who has the best denim style today?

Ralph Lauren. I mean he has the best style period. I wish I could raid his closet.

Samira Nasr

Who had the best denim style back in the day?

Bob Marley. Hands down. I try to emulate his style on a daily basis. #styleicon

Do you remember the first denim you ever owned?

No. I honestly have been wearing it forever (since grade school.) I even worked at a jeans shop in Montreal throughout college.

If you had to replace all your jeans with one thing, what would it be?

This question is really making me sad.

Fill in the blank: Without my jeans, I am _________.

Just playing dress up.

In my jeans, I am _________.

My most comfortable, happiest, and sassiest self.