The highly anticipated denim-centric collection Ayr goes live online today offering cool, made-in-L.A. skinnies and ciggys at nice prices ($150-$195) with great click-to-buy convenience. Taking after its big brother Bonobos, which has been making menswear and selling direct-to-consumer (vertical e-comm minus the retail markups) since 2007, Ayr has dreamed up not just a perfect jean (which we’ll get to in a sec), but a pretty perfect way to buy them, too, with free shipping and returns and expert customer service “ninjas” on call. “Edited and effortless in both the product and process,” says Brand Director Maggie Winter of Ayr’s ethos, calling the problem-solving “ninjas” the kind of thing we all could use in life in general. “Doing it this way, selling online only, we get to tell a consistent story about the collection, from the concept straight to our customers.”

And that story really does start with denim. “We liked the name Ayr because it’s elemental. It’s like air: it’s essential, but it also stands for ‘All Year Round,’ says Design Director Jac Cameron, who previously worked with Winter at Madewell and comes to this project from Calvin Klein. “The idea was to make clothes that women could wear all the time. And when I thought about it that way, I thought about a skinny jean. It’s the thing we reach for every single day.” Though Skinny is not the only style – there’s a straighter Cigarette (or Ciggy) and a Skinny Flare (“a baby flare,” Winter calls it) – all of Ayr’s jeans are made of high-tech fabrics that hug the body, so they all work back similarly to the line’s looser tops and sweaters. “Long over lean,” says Winter of the silhouette. “The proportions all work perfectly together,” Jac adds. Washes with endearing names like “Dove Wings,” “Little Fishes,” and “Biscuit,” make the flattering fits even more lady friendly. Plus, Ayr jeans come in multiple lengths, so sizing is super-accurate and alterations are a non-issue. Sound too good to be true? Scroll down. You gotta see it to believe it.