The word “boyfriend” gets used a lot in the denim world. For good reason: it is pretty much the perfect way to describe a looser, lower-slung, rolled-up jean. But, consider…”brother.” That’s what Mother calls this jacket. Mother’s Brother jacket (that’s fun to say, huh?) is oversized; it’s denim is a good not-too-heavy-not-too-light weight, and its wash (called Even Hippies Get the Blues; even more fun!) is a great shade of blue. So, “brother” doesn’t have the same kind of romance as “boyfriend.” Don’t care. There are three scenarios it makes me think of: you’re the girl who wears her brother’s hand-me-downs and also inherited his adventurousness; you’re the girl who steals her brother’s jacket off the hook in his room before sneaking out to get in some trouble; you’re the girl whose brother lets you hang out with him and his cool – and cute – friends and lets you wear his jacket. Any of those three sound good to me – minus the trouble, maybe.

Florence KaneHERE, WEAR THIS Florence’s new Mother denim jacket is big brother-big (read: perfect) on her.