Overalls or dungarees? Dungarees or overalls? Depends on where you live. I’m in New York, so to me they’re overalls. But in this story, for clarity’s sake, we’ll say dungarees, since that’s what matchesfashion.com calls them (because they’re Britain-based) – and Matches is the only place you can buy this exact pair!

I’m not going to get into whether this all-in-one style of denim is chic, or age-appropriate, or flattering or whatever. Every woman’s gotta decide that for herself. No judgement here. But I’m digging these dungarees because of their deep black hue and their fit. I’m wearing them a bit baggier. (Note: black overalls are wonderful for when you are five months pregnant, as I am here, and nothing fits; sweatshirts are, too! I love this one from The Great.)

I have to admit I haven’t tried a million pairs of overalls/dungarees. But I think they’re cool, and with the right attitude – and shoes, of course – you can make them work wonders (an idea reinforced when I recently saw a high-level exec wearing them to a fashion dinner; she looked like she was having fun). I was happy to spot these 3x1s, try ’em on and feel good in them – and there’s comfort in that, literally!

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Florence KaneONE-PIECE FOR ALL Contemplating the comfort of 3×1’s denim dungarees. Shop them below.