It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for AMO Denim to arrive! In actuality, it’s only been about six months. But when I first previewed it, I fell so hard it hurt not being able to own a pair immediately. Five styles, all vintage-inspired and washed to look like perfect flea market finds…that fit well? It was dream-come-true denim, and now, finally, it’s here.

Designers Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars, friends who previously worked together at True Religion (Kelly also did a stint at Current/Elliott), decided to name their new line AMO, the Latin word for love, because that’s what they’ve put into it. Love is also what I felt the second I saw their Babe – a high-rise straight-leg with an undone hem made of heftier washed denim – and it’s what I suspect a lot of women are going to experience when they see how long the Kick, a pretty bell, makes their legs look, or how compatible the the crop-legged Twist is with all their shoes. Stix, a skinny, and Tomboy, a boyfriend, are just as great as the other styles, believe me. In fact, in a world where we want a variety of fits, it’s easy to see owning all five of AMOs.

I recently went to see Kelly and Misty at their studio/Misty’s home in Los Angeles. Did my love for their jeans hold up, six months after I first laid eyes on them? Totally. In fact, I found my affection for them had only grown stronger. Read on, you’ll get why.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think about your jeans?

Kelly: Timeless.

Misty: Love.

Which AMO style is your personal favorite and why?

Kelly: Tomboy, because it is a slouchy fit that’s not sloppy. It still has a cute butt.

Misty: Twist! I love it because it is the perfect length to wear with any shoe.

How do you recommend women wear the styles you’re wearing?

Kelly: You can wear Tomboy so many ways. I probably wear mine most with sneakers and a tee, but I also love to dress them up with heels and some jewelry.

Misty: I recommend that women rock their own unique style. Personally, I love to wear Twist with a shrunken white tee and pointy flats…Parisian-esque.

If your AMOs could talk what would they say?

Kelly: I’ve got your back.

Misty: Let’s do this!

What do they know that no one else knows about you?

Kelly: That I mark my initials on their inside pockets. Clearly, I’m not good at sharing!

Misty: They would never tell…

From AMO Denim’s Spring ’15 lookbook, click on a pic for more info.

If you were to take your favorite pair of AMOs anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Kelly: Cassis, France. For a dip in the sea and a bake in the sun with me.

Misty: Paris. They would love it there.

If you could give a pair to anyone in the world tomorrow, whom would that lucky lady be? And which style would she get?

Kelly: I’d give Kate Moss the Kick.

Misty: Kate Moss. But Babe.

If you could see anyone – dead or alive – wear AMO, whom would it be? And which style do you think would suit her best?

Kelly: Jane Birkin. The Babe.

Misty: Honestly, my Dad. He obviously couldn’t wear them, but I wish he were here to see them. He inspired me to go after this dream [of starting my own line].

Click on a pic for more…

AMO Denim

Who can run faster in her AMOs?

Kelly: Misty. She’s quick!

Misty: Kelly, for sure! One, because she is a unicorn (my personal nickname for her because she is kind, magical, and fast!).

Who can jump higher in her AMO’s – Misty or Kelly?

Kelly: Me – I’m taller!

Misty: I’m gonna say me, only because I’m crazy and always jumping around.

[The pictures above prove that Kelly is, in fact, the higher jumper. Smiley face.]

If your respective AMOs had a zodiac sign, what would it be?

Kelly: Virgo all the way – independent, thoughtful, and a perfectionist…in a good way. I’m a Virgo.

Misty: Scorpio, like me. Brave, passionate, and loyal.

AMO Denim

Fill in the blank: When I’m wearing AMO Denim I feel   _________.

Kelly: …like the best version of myself.

Misty: …unstoppable.

Fill in the blank: I treat my AMOs like they are _____________.

Kelly: …my partner in crime.

Misty: …my homies.

What’s the best possible ending for the pair of AMOs you wear most?

Kelly: I can’t imagine ever giving them up.

Misty: I want them to live on forever! I feel like mine are now a family heirloom. I hope to pass them down someday.



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