We’re highly digital, but we still think a handwritten note on a chic card sent by post is lovely (even more so these days as it grows rarer). So, when Nicole Katz of Paper Chase Press reached out to ask if we wanted to collaborate on some limited-edition stationery for a new series of customizable cards we said yes, yes, yes. L.A.-based Paper Chase is a big deal in the printing world – they create art books, look books, and paper goods for major museums, fashion designers, film companies, and more. (Nicole’s parents founded the printing house 40 years ago, and she and her husband, Kane Austin, recently took the helm; fun fact: Nicole and our Jane met as teens at a summer arts program at Bennington College.)

For our Paper Cuts notecards, we designed five denim icons: the denim shirt, jean jacket, overalls, skinny jeans and the mom jean (the cool mom jean). They were expertly illustrated by Demetra Mazria of the L.A. studio Handsome, and the concept behind them is a lot like the concept of our site: our favorite jeans can say so much…even before we’ve written a word! The cards come in sets of ten (only 1,000 of each are being printed). Nicole tells us that Paper Cuts is an opportunity for her to team up with clients and friends. We’re in great company; other collaborators for the project are our friend Clare Vivier of Clare V. and designer Jay Carroll – and coming up are Kelly Wearstler, Commune, and Lizzie Garrett Mettler of Tomboy Style.

Are you a jacket? Or a shirt, perhaps? Living in your overalls this summer? A skinny or a mom? Pick a style (or a few!) – Paper Chase will personalize them for free – and say it with denim.

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COPY THAT Jane and Florence, with the personalized cards that reflect their most-loved denim pieces.

To order and customize your own Jean Stories x Paper Chase Press notecards, go to paperchasepress.com or shop the links below.