• Love Story

    Hailey Gates and Her Sky-High Hang Tens

    "I believe their slogan is 'Bitchin' before you were born,''" said the actress Hailey Gates about her favorite jeans, made Read More

  • Love Story

    Adam Selman’s Big Daddy Denim

    Bonus points if you can name the superstar who wore the vest Adam Selman is wearing here in one of Read More

  • Love Story

    Olivia Kim in the Tuileries in Lees

    "I never dreamed in my life that a pair of vintage jeans could look like these, and then when I Read More

  • Love Story

    Mara Hoffman’s Superjeans

    "I rarely ever wear new denim; all of the shopping I do is for vintage," explained Mara Hoffman, the New York designer Read More

  • Love Story

    Living with Lauren Soloff

    "Ever since I was a kid, I have always wiped my hands on my jeans – seems so natural for jeans Read More

  • News Story

    Getting Schooled by Donwan Harrell of Prps

    Donwan Harrell, the designer behind the cult men's line Prps, has the coolest office I've ever seen in New York Read More

  • Love Story

    Young Kim, aka Suitman, Off-Duty

    Artist Young Kim, who has collaborated with Diesel, Visvim, Yoji Yamamoto, and Agnés B. over the course of his career, was mid-move Read More

  • Flashback

    Norma Kamali’s Decades in Denim

    The New York designer has been working with denim for nearly 50 years. Here, she revisits hanging with Hendrix in the 60s, the Read More

  • Love Story

    Sierra Prescott Kickflips for Madewell

    A little while ago, Jane and I received an e-mail from our friends Aimee and Stephanie over at Jock (the Read More

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    Annie Costello Brown’s Jewelry and Thoughts on Thrifting

    "There is just this primal disappointment when you don't find something," said Los Angeles jewelry designer Annie Costello Brown about Read More