A little while ago, Jane and I received an e-mail from our friends Aimee and Stephanie over at Jock (the awesome fitness website that is so fun to read, whether you consider yourself a jock or not): “We just profiled Sierra Prescott, a female skateboarder (and photographer),” they wrote. “If you ever are looking for someone different to feature, she is super rad and looks really good in denim (all she ever wears).”

Anytime anyone is described as “super rad,” you gotta check her out. We clicked. Wow, yes. Sierra’s look: slim-cut jeans (with some stretch), a t-shirt, maybe a button-up, and Vans. So very Southern Californian. (She’s a native, after all.) We had to photograph her! And we did – in head-to-toe Madewell skating the L.A. River. Sierra, who lives “on the cusp” of Silverlake, doesn’t skate the cement waterway often; “It’s pretty grungy down there,” she says. She prefers to go by the beach. “Something about being in the birthplace of skateboarding – Southern California – just gives me a rush!” Read on for more about her denim, and more rad pics of her skating.

Tell us about what you wore for our shoot!

I wore Madewell, head to toe. A medium/light denim jacket paired with a white cropped top tee, a color-block chambray button-up around my waist and, high-waisted skinny-skinny jeans with torn knees. Oh, and some Vans. Everything I was wearing I got within the last couple years. And although they are newer pieces to my wardrobe, I feel one hundred percent me in them.

If these jeans could talk, what would they say?

“Me? Again?”

What’s the most memorable place your jeans have been?

When I worked with Madewell for the #EverydayMadewell campaign, I wore them while playing up in Runyon Canyon, climbing up little hills and jumping off stuff. I had a blast.

Do you always skate in jeans? Why is denim ideal for skating?

Pretty much, yes. Whether it’s pants or shorts depends on the weather, but I always prefer jeans. They have more strength to them and can usually handle being slid on a bit without tearing. Plus, jeans get better and better with every wear. I’ll break them in every opportunity I get.

Sierra Prescott
Sierra PrescottFLY WITH ME Skateboarder and photographer Sierra Prescott skating the L.A. River in Madewell denim. 

Describe your most perfect skating scenario: the place, the board, what you’re wearing, whom you’re with, the music playing?

A new (to me) beach or island city. My Street Plant design with Independent Trucks, Bones Bearings and Mini Logo wheels. I’d be with a few of my closest friends. No music, just the sound of the bearings, snap of the tail, and slide of the wheels on the pavement.

Do you need denim with stretch for skating? Or can you break in a stiffer pair no problem?

Stiff denim can definitely be worn in, but it does take a bit of work. I prefer to start with a pair that fits comfortably and definitely with a hint of stretch.

I imagine skating really gives your denim a workout! What do you do when you get a big rip or a hole?

Yes it does!! I’d say a hole can appear after falling just once, but normally takes two to three times to become a more ‘torn’ jean look. I buy a lot of jeans with distressing already in them, and once they get skated in, it breaks them in oh so perfectly. I don’t repair holes unless the’ve stopped covering me up, ha ha.

What do people say about your jeans?

‘Did you make those holes or did you buy them that way?’

Sierra Prescott

Where do you shop for denim?

Madewell is always a go-to. They have every fit of jean that should exist, and they’re built to last.

Is it always a slim jean, or have you ever skated in looser jeans?

It’s mostly a slim jean with a stretch – for me, at least. I need the flexibility, and when it’s already tight there isn’t much to snag on. It’s more comfortable.

What’s your favorite skater style from the past few decades?

Definitely 70s style. I love the skinny jeans, simple sneakers with a good head of hair. I like the way it outlines the body and accentuates the flow of skating so well.

Do you remember your first pair of jeans ever?

I do, it was 2nd grade. My first coveted piece of denim, Bugle Boys overall shorts.

Sierra Prescott

If you could have any pair of jeans right now, what would they be?

Well, aside from the fact that I have more than I can even keep up with… I’ve been dying for a boyfriend-fit, olive-green or army fatiques. For boyfriend, it’s all about those contact points in the butt, knees and ankles, I want to see them in army green with some distressing.

What are your top three denim pieces you’ve ever owned?

1. Madewell skinny skinny ankle denim (holes, rip-and-repair and no holes). They’re a classic, comfortable and flattering everyday fit. 2. NSF – Boyfriend distressed shorts. These were my first real pair of denim shorts; they started a whole new chapter in my wardrobe. They’re special. 3. Rag and Bone skinny boyfriend jeans with a ridiculous amount of holes. I love that they are slim and low cut at the waist, yet appear to be quite baggy with bigger-than-normal holes. At this point the holes have doubled and I just love that they’ve made themselves one-of-a-kind.

How does the perfect pair of jeans make you feel?

Agile. Comfortable. Stylish. Ready.

If you had to replace all of your jeans with something else, what would it be?

Workout wear, like sweats, spandex and running shorts.

Fill in the blank: Without my jeans, I am _________.

In my pjs.

In my jeans, I am_________.