When I’d decided to color my hair for the first time, I asked a top beauty editor whom I should go see (thanks, Catherine Piercy!). On the list she gave me: Chelsey Pickthorn, who had trained with Laurie Foley and Orlando Pita before opening her own salon in Bushwick. I liked the sound of that. So I went to see her, and meeting Chelsey and her salon director, Jocelyn Simone, sealed the deal. They were awesome – definitely would be happy to spend four-five hours hanging out with them on a Saturday. Chelsey does hair painting (not foils), so my first time in her chair took that long. I texted Jane on my way home from that appointment – me, newly blond and so happy – and she replied, You’re just leaving???? Yes, I wrote back, and it’s soooooo worth it.

But this is not a beauty site, and this is not about me. What I’ve noticed during the time I’ve hung out with Chelsey and Jocelyn, besides their sweetness, great senses of humor, and laid-backness (which is probably the result of their growing up in Portland, Oregon and Northern California, respectively), is their jeans. Ripped, hair-dye splattered and just totally them. Chelsey loves her Citizens of Humanity skinnies, which came with holes in the knees that have become bigger over the year she’s had them. Jocelyn’s Joe’s Jeans are about five years old and show it. Their jeans show that these hair geniuses work hard for their clients, who have included Moda Operandi’s Lauren Santo Domingo and models Julia Cumming, Julia Frauche, and Abbey Lee (whose bleach blond looks amazing in the promotional photos for her upcoming movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’). Chelsey’s latest client? Jane! So now we’re both smitten – with the girls and their denim.

Describe the jeans you’re wearing in one word.

Chelsey: [Citizens of Humanity] Bossy.

Jocelyn: [Joe’s Jeans] Saucey.

What do you need your jeans to be, always?

Chelsey: Comfortable. Ass flattering.

Jocelyn: Unintentionally altered and long enough for my legs.

If your jeans could talk, what would they say about you?

Chelsey: Thank you for keeping me clean, for now.

Jocelyn: Am I done yet?


What’s the most memorable place they have been?

Chelsey: On plane rides to Tulum + to the Badlands for my bestfriend’s wedding.

Jocelyn: I’ve taken these guys everywhere! Mexico, Coachella three times, all the Hawaiian islands, and this summer to Palm Springs for a country music fest, Stagecoach. They have superpowers; I always have a good time in them.

What’s the weirdest place?

Chelsey: Twerkin’ at a reggae club.

Jocelyn: After I first got them, I gave them their first good rip after hopping a fence somewhere in PDX. Don’t remember what we were up to that night…

Was there ever a pair that got away? When? How?

Chelsey: My butt always takes them away.

Jocelyn: If they fit better on someone else, I give ’em away. So always.

Was there a pair you should have broken up with sooner?

Chelsey: Yes, they are hidden for safe keeping.

Jocelyn: I’ve repaired and patched my Joe’s four-plus times and the repairs never last long! But I still can never get rid of them.

Do you own a pair that only you could love?

Chelsey: Yes, the pair I wear during colour corrections, fully covered in bleach.

Jocelyn: My grey “Wanye’s World” jeans. You can see my entire top leg, from below my knee to almost my underwear line. My mom does NOT love these jeans!




What are your Top Three jeans of all time?

Chelsey: My highwaisted Wranglers, classic look forever; My “Mom” jeans, perfect for those kind of days; Mui Mui white denim jumpsuit, I wear at work, makes me feel like a member of ‘Charlie’s Angels.’

Jocelyn: My Hot Shit pants, nice new tight black Hudson brand denims; Tommy Hilfiger overalls from 1996! I wore them almost everyday, thought I was the 4th member of TLC; My Chelsea cut Joe’s, forever memories.

What are the first jeans you ever had, or remember having, if different from any you listed above.

Jocelyn: Acid-washed toddler overalls. Total child of the late 80s.

Who besides you has worn your jeans?

Chelsey: Either only me or for my vintage pairs, its an unknown world!

Jocelyn: Roommates without permission.

Do you guys ever swap jeans?

Chelsey: Yes, I get all of Joce’s old jeans.

Jocelyn: One-sided swap. I don’t like to wear other peoples jeans for some reason!

Why are jeans the best thing for working at the salon?

Chelsey: They’re resilient, and comfortable after a long day’s work.

Jocelyn: The more colour or bleach, the more personality they get.

Whose denim style do you admire?

Chelsey: Jane’s!

Jocelyn: Florence’s.

[Aw, thanks ladies]

How many pairs of jeans do you need to feel satisfied and like you have enough?

Chelsey: I have about 20 pairs in all variations. I like having options.

Jocelyn: Three old comfys, two dressy / party jeans, and one to two brand-new pairs on ice, waiting for “that day” where I need a boost! Nothing like that to make you feel good.

What do you love most about the ones you wore for our shoot?

Chelsey: Love how soft they are; the high waist is a perfect fit, and the small holes for a little personality.

Jocelyn: I have had them for about eight years. They still fit great, and I get compliments all the time when I wear them.

What do your jeans reveal about the way that you live on a daily basis?

Chelsey: I colour hair like a mechanic in surgery.

Jocelyn: Definitely that I am from California – relaxed and easy going.




Is there something you do only in your jeans?

Jocelyn: Party!

On what occasion(s) will only a pair of jeans do?

Chelsey: 2 day / 1 night trips.

Jocelyn: Amusement parks, ball games, and concerts.

Where do you buy your jeans?

Chelsey: Wherever I can find a pair that fits me like a glove!

Jocelyn: Century 21 in Queens. I always score big time there!

If you had to replace all of your jeans with something else, what would it be?

Chelsey: Sweatpants.

Jocelyn: Men’s designer sweatpants.

Fill in the blank: Without my jeans, I am ___________.

Chelsey: Jeanless!

Jocelyn: Boring.

Fill in the blank: In my jeans, I am ___________.

Chelsey: An American.

Jocelyn: Me.


Pickthorn, 61 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-928-7336; info@pickthornbk.com; pickthornbk.com.