Still need to cross some loved ones off your gift list? MiH Jeans’ chic denim-and-calfskin pouches will do the trick – “Joyeaux Denim,” indeed! They’ve teamed up with luxe luggage company Globetrotter on three styles in three different sizes, all hand-made in the UK. “We picked a special denim that has a beautiful twill and a classic bright blue indigo shade that we thought contrasted beautifully with the leather, and had a great ’70s-style freshness to it,” says MiH’s Creative Director Chloe Lonsdale. She uses the smaller one for foreign currency when she’s traveling, but the possibilities for what you can put in them are endless: iPad, makeup, laptop, any sort of odds and ends… Or, we’d personally be thrilled to find one filled with goodies and placed on the hearth in lieu of a stocking. Call it a blue Christmas.