Those who know me know two things: 1.) that I am not usually all that psyched about wearing super skinny jeans (I prefer a straighter fit), and 2.) that I love Gap (I used to work there!). Which is to say that these – a pair of slim straights from the megabrand’s new Resolution Denim collection – were something I had to try.

Resolution Denim, btw, is the high-tech fabrication that Gap introduced just a few weeks ago. It stretches, supports, and bounces back beautifully. It also makes jeans that are like these – Saran wrap-tight everywhere but around the ankles (on me, anyways) – feel pretty darn comfortable. And flattering. I mean, here’s my butt shot (never-before-seen on Jean Stories, actually), and I’m feeling pretty good about it, thank you!

I know, the word on the street is that skinnier styles are over, but I’ve been wearing these a lot lately, and that’s because they work. They work with the ankle boots I like to wear in the wintertime, and with every sweater I love right now (oh yeah, did I mention that the mid-rise on these accommodates tops short and not?), and with all the colors in my closet (unwashed indigo really does go with everything). They work like I do, which is pretty much non-stop, and which is why I reach for them constantly. Because there is nothing better than feeling like your jeans are on your team.

Jane BishopTELL YOUR FRIENDS Gap 1969s new Resolution Denim fabrication slims, stretches, and doesn’t bag out anywhere, ever.


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