Winter is officially (and finally) here. Which means our cropped flares and skinnies are going to need new shoes, ones that cover our ankles, specifically. It’s a tricky trade-off – necessary coverage means showing none of the slimmest bit of the leg. My suggestion: go for boots that lace-up and hug the ankle tightly; that sneak underneath the belled part of a style like The Great’s Nerd, or meet the hem of L’Agence’s Chantal low rise (above) head-on. My current favorites are from a Spanish company called Carmina – classic, vaguely Victorian, and foreign to many U.S. fashion girls, still (i.e. exclusive to me at the office). But any boot that can be cinched-in above the ankle via speed hooks or buckles will work. And if suede suits you, go there. I have and haven’t looked back!