Back in December, a box of macarons all different shades of blue and cream arrived at our offices. And there was a note from a woman named Nicole asking if we’d like to see her new denim collection. Call it bribery, but we were intrigued…

So after the holidays, we paid a visit to this mysterious jeans-maker’s Tribeca apartment and met Nicole Najafi in person. Her apartment was charming (Domino, are you reading this?), she had more treats for us to snack on, and, oh, there was a rack of pretty great jeans in the hallway – her new collection, Industry Standard.

The economics grad, who worked in Balenciaga’s e-commerce division before starting Industry – formerly only sold through special trunk shows – launched her site today! So now you can buy her Simone and Margot jeans (both come in high rise or mid rise, in different hues and degrees of stretchiness) directly…for $95 or $105 each. Did we mention they are made in L.A.? They are well-made and affordable because they are sent straight to you, i.e. no middle man is involved.

“I live in jeans. I really don’t wear anything else,” says Nicole. “It’s the first thing I put on in the morning, and I stay in them until I get into bed, basically. And considering how much I wear jeans, and how much other girls wear jeans, I found it shocking that it was the most painful item to shop for really. And expensive. It’s the thing you wear the most. Shouldn’t it be really easy to shop for? And really fun to shop for?” Yes, and yes!

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