The MO of Re/Done is pretty simple: source old Levi’s, take them apart, and fashion the denim into new, more modern styles. You get the beauty of the old denim – perfectly faded, one-of-a-kind washes, for example – and the benefits of a fantastic fit. Simple, yet kind of genius – and very successful for the year-old, L.A.-based brand. (Want a pair? Grab it before it sells out or find yourself joining over 2,000 others on Re/Done’s wait lists!)

But, one had to wonder: what did the folks at Levi’s themselves think of all this? Were they flattered? Or, like, “Hey, wait a minute – that’s our denim!”? Re/Done’s co-founder Sean Barron told me Levi’s President J.C. (James Curleigh if you want to be formal, but we’re not) had embraced him and his Re/Done partner Jamie Mazur. He added, honestly, “It was the opposite of what we expected. It just shows how today’s world is collaborative.” Now, the two companies have formed an official partnership, and every pair of Re/Done’s being produced now will have a newly designed white patch on the back that bears both brands’ names.

Levi's x Re/DunBELL DU JOUR Elsa Hosk in her style for Re/Done.

What does that have to do with the beautiful blonde in these images? She’s the model (and Victoria’s Secret Angel) Elsa Hosk and is the first to team up with Re/Done on a special style (Available now, but hurry. Seriously). And the jean is the first with the new Re/Done Levi’s patch! Elsa’s concept: a high-rise, looonnnng-legged baby-bell with slits at the bottoms. Coincidentally, Hosk used to re-do old Levi’s she’d find at flea markets in her native Stockholm when she was a teenager. So she was the perfect person for a collab like this. Personally, I want to wear them with a pair of clogs this fall for a sexy 70s look. But I’ll probably have to get in line.

Levi's x Re/DunNICE BUTT The Elsa is available at; $295-$318, depending on the pair you pick.