If I’m on this site in a pair of legging-tight jeans like these, you know I must feel good in them. Good because they do a beautiful job balancing so many things – the width of my hips v. the length of my legs; my need to look smart v. my desire to feel comfortable; a fantasy (how I want to look in legging jeans) v. a reality (how I really look in legging jeans). These, from True Religion, do all of this juggling through means nearly invisible to most of us. A scrupulous fit, a strategic, body-contouring wash, and a high-tech denim fabric that moves as much as I do are some of their secrets. Though, honestly, once I get them on I hardly care to analyze them further. I am happy with how I look! What more do I need to know!

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Jane BishopSMOOTH MOVES Jane takes True Religion’s Runway Leggings for a spin. Shop the collection at truereligion.com.

But because I’m sure you want to know everything about these jeans, good denimheads, they’re from True Religion’s Runway collection, a slip-on series made of ultra-stretch denim that hugs, lengthens, and elongates bodies short (like me) and tall. The style I’m wearing – the brand new Moto – has a side seam that twists around the front of the leg, creating a narrower look above the ankle. Really good. I gave The Runways a test-drive at HQ earlier this week and was thrilled with how well they took hours of sitting at my computer, and the spontaneous spin (“Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd may or may not have been playing in the office at the time). What’s that saying? Move it or lose it? I’ll just keep going on and on in these, thank you.

Jane BishopLEGS FOR DAYS Well, almost. “But they do look longer!” Jane says. True Religion Runway Moto Leggings, $198; go to truereligion.com.