In March of last year, designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, who do The Great, were on this site to talk about their book with Hilary Walsh titled A Denim Story: Inspirations from Bell Bottoms to Boyfriends (Rizzoli). In the pictures, Meritt wore the most amazing pair of vintage Levi’s – cropped a little and slightly flared with a high rise. I remember it like it was yesterday; they fit her exquisitely. She said, “I love the awkward length,” because, at the time, a jean that belled and grazed the ankle was a little odd. Who was wearing a leg like that back then? Just Meritt.

Of course, these days, the look is quite popular, and my favorite take on it is this style designed, not surprisingly, by Emily and Meritt for The Great. Called The Nerd, it’s modeled after Meritt’s Levi’s, and honestly, it’s as good – stretch-less and dark, with vintage-like finishes (brass top button, rust-colored contrast stitching). I’ve been wearing mine for about two months and they’ve broken in beautifully, fading where I sit and stretch, and creasing across my hips and behind my knees. They’re a perfect mold of my lower body at this moment, and so, I’m reluctant to wash them (something I do with all of my other denim). What if they forget the way they fit me? Can’t have the jeans I love most to do that!

Jane BishopDESTINED FOR GREATNESS The Nerd is the fit-of-the-moment. $265, go to