The first time we saw Laura Stoloff, WSJ Magazine‘s senior market editor, in this M. Martin denim dress it was New York Fashion Week and she was sitting front row at the Tome show. We’ll never forget it because we’d never seen the dress before, and Laura looked completely stunning in it. The selvedge lining on the front placket was the tip-off – whatever this piece was, it was special.

So, we did what good denimheads do and we asked Laura where she got it. “I pre-ordered it immediately after seeing it in the M. Martin showroom,” she said (meaning, she got the V.I.P. editor-access). Thankfully, the dress is now available for all of us to order through M. Martin’s website directly. The timing couldn’t be better – it’s the perfect fall piece.

Laura StoloffDETAIL ORIENTED Denimheads will notice the clever use of selvedge down the front placket of this M. Martin dress. “I feel a sense of ease and comfort when wearing this piece,” says Laura.

“Whenever I buy something new, I make sure it can be worn in more than one way,” said Laura, who chose cropped Frame jeans, antique jewelry, and red Chanel ballet flats for our shoot at Cornelia Street Café in NYC. “I prefer the M. Martin as a jacket over pants, but it also looks great belted as a dress with a pair of sneakers or ankle boots.” Cinch it, layer it, or wear it like a smock over heavier sweaters. The versatility of this piece justifies the price. And its quality is the kind you keep forever.

Laura StoloffWRAP ME UP With a belt, WSJ‘s Laura Stoloff converted M. Martin’s denim wrap dress into a duster; $595, go to