You know that thing the French fashion girls wear? That skinny-jean thing you see on Emmanuelle Alt, the editor of Paris Vogue, and her gorgeous cohorts Capucine Safyurtlu and Géraldine Saglio, who almost always pair it with pointy-toe pumps and double-breasted blazers? I love that look – long legs and low, low rises with t-shirts tucked in. C’est très, très chic, non?

Yes! But, being American, or being just me, I have a hard time pulling it off (I like flats! Natural waistlines! And I’m short!). Which is why the Chantal low rise from L’Agence might be the best thing that ever happened to me (or my inner Parisienne, at least). Here is a skinny jean made in a true French fit with the best stretch denim from Isko™ – remember Isko™, readers, it’s important – and a contour waistband, so it won’t gap in the back. It hugs, holds, gives a little, and puts it all back where it belongs, beautifully. When have you ever seen me on the site in a tight, low rise jean? The L’Agence Chantal is the first for good reason.

Jane BishopFRENCH TWIST Jane wears the Chantal low rise in New York’s Madison Square Park; $225, go to

A Los Angeles brand that’s always been strongly influenced by Parisian style, L’Agence is left coast meets Left Bank; sexy but subtle; basic, but also body conscious. The Chantal low rise is part of the line’s new French Jean collection, all of which is made with Isko™, the industry leader in high-performance stretch denim – the kind that keeps its shape no matter how much you move in it. In this jean, I can feel the fabric working…and it feels good. As good as those French girls look in their low rises. Does the striped St. James t-shirt make me look any more like them, I wonder? Probably not, but that’s OK. It’s inspiration, not imitation, that I’m after, anyways.

Jane BishopJE T’AIME, DENIM Made with super-stretch Isko™ denim, the L’Agence Chantal low rise skinny will put some spring in your step (and make your butt look great!); $225, go to


We send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Paris, whose spirit, like their style, is in our hearts right now.

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