Here’s how I feel about Joe’s Jeans’s #Hello skinny, which has two secret compartments designed to hold an iPhone (5, 5S, or 6) and compatible, super slim charger: The concealed pockets – one for the phone located on the outer right hip, and another for the battery pack, situated where a back tag might otherwise be – are terribly clever, very discreet, and fully functional. They hold and secure one’s gadgets without adding bulk, or attracting any unwanted attention. In fact, the Joe’s battery practically disappears into its designated pouch, camouflaged by the jean’s waistband. It’s neat, and smart, and because the cord that connects the phone to the charger is only as long as the distance between their respective pockets, it all stays very clean, tucked-in, and out-of-sight. Bravo, Joe’s, the system seriously works!

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Jane BishopIN CHARGE No outlets needed. The #Hello skinny’s matching battery pack makes it hands- cords- and care-free; $49, go to

What’s really great, though, if you ask me, is that the #Hello is a terrific jean, technology support aside. When I first put it on I didn’t skip a beat (no fidgeting with the fit, no yanking, hiking, or superficial stretching – i.e. squatting –  required). The rise is just right. This wash, called Kalia, is a beautiful, dusty, dark blue, and I like how they hold me in without squeezing me too tightly. I’d reach for these Joe’s and their power pack if I had long day ahead of me or was traveling (such a juice-sucker!)…or not. I’m as as inclined to wear them out to dinner with friends for a few hours as I am for the greater purpose they’ve been designed to serve. A good jean is a good jean, right? And if it can make my life easier, more mobile, and better connected… Well, that settles it!

Jane BishopGIVING 100% Jane, in NYC’s Bryant Park, calls it – the #Hello is a hit; $189, go to For more, or to watch the video, click here.