Denimheads, if you are not familiar with the jeans line Closed, keep reading.

Originally designed by François Girbaud, Closed was the ultimate 80s rebel-denim line – a European company that resisted the traditions established by classic, American five-pockets with fits and details that defined the body in totally new ways. “Jeans have always been a weapon for provocation for our generation against rules, family, and the state,” said Girbaud, who took denim’s defiant spirit and ran with it back then, making styles like the Pedal Drum I’m wearing here – styles that looked like no other jean at the time, and that still feel fresh, 30 years after Girbaud created them.

Jane Bishop

Let’s talk about my Pedal Drums for just a minute. As part of Closed’s new Archive ’85 collection, a capsule made of the company’s most iconic styles, they are a revision of the ones Girbaud designed in the 80s, with all the brand hallmarks – a unique fit, a gorgeous wash, a name tag on the fly just below the top button. What I love most about the Pedal Drum is that they are nothing like any pair of jeans I have in my closet already. They are high-waisted and slouchy and not especially slim in the leg, but not too boyfriend-y, either. By that definition, they shouldn’t be flattering, but they are flattering, and they are extremely easy to move in, too. So many surprises.

Seeing as these jeans have roots in Paris, it felt right to wear them there for this shoot, although Closed is now headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and all their jeans are made in Italy with the best Italian denim (Candiani, for those who want to know); it’s top notch in terms of quality. Skinny-lovers, the Pedal Drum may not be for you (try the Skinny Pusher from Archive ’85 instead!). But for me, this jean’s got the beat.

Jane BishopMARCHING ON The Closed Pedal Drum is the anti-basic-five-pocket jean and Jane is loving it. Go to