Confession: Sometimes I wear the same pair of jeans three or four times a week, and, when I’m traveling, that stat almost always applies. Who wants to pack a different pair of denims for every day away? Jeans are heavy, guys! They take up a lot of space in suitcases, too! Here’s why I brought a pair of American Eagle Outfitter’s new Denim X skinnies on a recent trip to Los Angeles…

First, I love how they feel. Soft and stretchy (more on that to come in reason No. 2), but not too thin and flimsy, they hold without hugging too tightly. For a skinny, they’re not too clingy around my ankles, and their rise is just right – neither high nor low. “Versatile” is a word that applies to these jeans. “Flattering,” also. Look, I’m opening this story with a butt shot. And not just because of the view. They feel that good.

Second, they’re made with AEO’s new Denim X fabric – a performance stretch designed to never bag out. Want a pair of jeans that you can wear day, after day, after day without them slacking and looking lazy? Try these. They were (still!) photo-ready on Day 3 of my non-stop, coast-to-canyon stay in L.A.

American Eagle Outfitters

Good, right? It was like they memorized my shape on Day 1, and then played it on repeat all week. I’m tempted to buy another pair, in a lighter wash, to get me through the rest of the summer and my upcoming trips to Japan and Spain (you know I also work at Travel + Leisure, right?). Given the third reason these jeans are such a hit – the price, $50! – I think I’ll just go ahead and do it.


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