Truth: The denim-and-shearling (or faux shearling) jacket is not a super trendy thing right now. It hasn’t been so see-it-everywhere since the fleece-lined style from Earl Jeans was ubiquitous in the early 00s. (Remember that? Maybe you bought yours at the brand’s Soho store, even.) But that’s a good thing: this look has become more like a subtle must, something you might not realize you need until you get one.

And there are a ton of good ones out there right now (see our favorites below) – whether you’re into a more traditional trucker like the one from Levi’s) or something a little more directional (check out MM6‘s).

Jane and I are California girls who moved to New York for college and stayed, and there’s something about these jackets that gives us a home-sweet-home vibe. They’re the kind of thing you wear in the “winter” in Southern CA.

And now that it’s really fall here in our adopted hometown, we’re way into them. I already told Jane, I get dibs on the Nudie.